Bicyclists to soon join commuters on busy roadways

Bicyclists to soon join commuters on busy roadways
Legacy Trails (Source: City of Tyler)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It won't be long before cyclists will be able to join the daily commute along busy Tyler roads. Legacy Trails Project is moving forward, and will add over four miles to Tyler's trail system. Community members say they're looking forward to new bike trails but their main concern is their safety.

"Not only is it important to have buses and roadways for cars to drive on, but bicycling is also a very efficient way to transfer yourself from one place to another and that really needs to be done safely," says Cycology Bike Co. owner Joshua Phillips.

He says a lot of East Texans use bikes as their mode of transportation. As an avid cyclist himself, he says the Legacy Trails gives the city an opportunity to implement other forms of transportation and keep all drivers safe.

"I cycle several times a week, I ride with both the Fresh Race Team and the Tyler Bicycle Club," he says. "We do have a lot of club riders that ride in this area [and] that ride on the roads in this city, so it's imperative that we develop a structure that's both safe and efficient for cyclists and motorists alike."

City of Tyler officials say the new walk and bike trails are essential for the city.

"We have a lot of active folks especially in that part of town," City of Tyler project engineer Kyle Dykes says. "We see them along the sidewalks and in the park areas, so we expect this to be a heavily used trail."

Philips says the biking community in Tyler continues to grow every year and the addition of more bike lanes will help the city grow.

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