Tyler Training Center Boosts Athletes

(KLTV) - NFL prospects from East Texas know where to go if they want to upgrade their game, Tyler's  APEC training center.  This is not for the faint of heart, you will sweat, grunt, and maybe shout out a few bad words. All in the name of being the best, Bobby Stroupe and his training staff have developed a reputation of helping pro caliber athletes reach their dreams.  Stroupe who's played sports at a high level can relate to his clients having the mind set of an athlete now turned trainer. APEC has the blessing of coaches since they know he's concerned in making these young athletes ready for whatever it takes to make a roster.  Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was a client and his mind set was helped established at APEC, a first round draft pick last year.  There are as many as 13 NFL prospects who train at this top grade facility.  Stroupe knows the recipe of helping athletes reach their level. Now of course there are no guarantees, except that APEC will get the most out of you.  And even if you're not an athlete trying to get an edge, there's also a program for those who just want to get in shape.

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