East Texans Open Doors, Arms, Wallets

It has been literally non-stop. One person after another, one company after another, bringing boxes and bags, filled with everything the hurricane evacuees might need.

"It just makes your day," Gordon Bryson, president of Horizon Industries in Tyler, said, as he and a colleague unloaded boxes of wipes at the First Christian Church shelter. "It really does make your day. You feel like you got up for the right reason today."

Remember Evola Cornin, the realtor from New Orleans? Yesterday, we told you she lost not only her home, but her livelihood. She won't be selling any more real estate.

Last night, I received an email from a realtor in Longview, saying Evola's story touched her and her colleagues. So they wanted to make a donation. And today, we arranged for her Century 21 team to come to the shelter.

"We could pretty much relate to, if you're not selling any real estate, you're not making any money," Stephanie McKinney, a broker with the company, said. "We were hoping we could establish a relationship with her to not only help her today, but you know, continually."

McKinney came with fellow real-estate agent, Shelia Manning.

"We're glad to be here today to just kind of say we support another realtor," McKinney told Cornin.

Realtors helping realtors.

"I just thank you so much," Cornin said. "You just don't know how much it touched me."

And neighbors helping neighbors.

"I think a lot about them, you know," Gary Daous, an evacuee from Westwego, LA, said of East Texans donating supplies and money. "They're helping people from Louisiana. That's rare. Most people worry about their own state."

Julie Tam, reporting. jtam@kltv.com