American Red Cross Of Smith County Joining Forces

The American Red Cross of Smith County is coming together with several other non-profit organizations to better help those stranded in East Texas.

Right now, the local Red Cross office and the shelter at the First Christian Church in Tyler have their hands full.

If you want to donate material items, you're asked to do so at the East Texas Food bank, PATH, the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries. You can bring food, clothes, cots, even bedding. They will be disbursed from there.

Tammy Prater, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Smith County says, "They have the capacity to store those items, the capacity to sort those items and the capacity to deliver those items where and when we need them and right now that's one of the best things anyone could offer to me."

Prater says the Red Cross again is still taking monetary donations. Also, the shelter at the First Christian Church is also filling up. Officials are asking you check-in there first, they will direct you to the second shelter they're opening at Marvin Methodist Church.

Here are some needed items: cots, bedding, clothing, bottled water, granola, breakfast bars, energy or protein bars, beef jerky, peanut butter, canned meals, soups, stews, chili, pasta, plates, cups, utensils, bleach and cleaning products.

East Texas Food Bank: 903-597-3663

PATH:  903-597-4044

Salvation Army: 903-592-4361

Goodwill Industries: 903-593-8438