Local Gas Prices Rise 50 Cents In One Day

Many East Texans had to do a double take driving down the road Wednesday as the price of gas has taken a massive jump.

The wild ride started Tuesday with some stations at $2.38 per gallon. Today's average, around $2.85 -- that's a jump of nearly half a dollar in just a day.

It's not a bad dream.  Though not quite where prices are all over. This gas station on Gentry in Tyler, had some folks tempers fraying.

"They need to lower the gas prices. They need to do something. $2.99 is just too high right now," says Stanley Johnson, who was topping off his gas tank Wednesday afternoon.

Folks continued to file in while the prices rise. Some were just topping off, because any more, and it cuts into the essentials.

"I'll have to cut regular food, clothing, and stuff like that. So perhaps cut food because of gas. Yes," he says.

Of course, at the highest price in town, there is still a choice of where to fill up.

The price at a former Conoco station on Gentry Parkway at mid-afternoon was $2.99, but the owner told me on the phone that was a mistake. It was supposed to be $2.89. At any rate, it's still very tough on working families.

"[We can't have this] at one time, you know there's nothing you can do about it. You just do what you can or stay at home," says driver Essie Nelson.

"It needs to come down. It's too high, i might have to get a bicycle to start riding," another driver told us.

David Jones made the choice to go on two wheels only.

"Normally you drive a car, but you've downsized? Yes. I spend a couple of dollars riding back and forth instead of this," he says.

His motorcycle used to be just a toy, but now his way to beat the price spike that's beating up on the rest of us.

Reported by Morgan Palmer. morganpalmer@kltv.com