Holocaust exhibit showing at Letourneau University

Holocaust exhibit showing at Letourneau University

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A traveling exhibit, that illustrates the horrors of the holocaust is on display at Letourneau University, remembering one of history's darkest chapters.

The images on display at Letourneau university's Longview hall are hard to comprehend. How could men be so cruel to their fellow man?

"Every generation needs to know about this. Needs to know of the cruelness of people against other people," says Rusty Milstein of Longview's Temple Beth Emanu-el.

On loan from Yad Vashem, the world holocaust remembrance center in Israel, the traveling exhibit is a pictorial history of the ultimate inhumanity.

"I think it's so incredibly important for lots of different reasons. We've got a generation now that's one -two generations from World War Two. For this generation, it's a story that's no longer personal, but the impact of it is personal for all of us," says LETU assistant professor of history Daniel Ostendorff.

The display is stark and shattering.A people persecuted for no other reason than they were of Jewish descent.

"If you weren't what the Nazi's thought people should be, Gypsies, mentally disabled, physically disabled, Jewish, you were eliminated," Milstein says.

"This is a story of men, women, and children, boys, girls, babies, being sent to the gas chambers simply because of who they were. Because they were Jews," Ostendorff says.

Six million died of starvation, disease, torture and gas chambers.

"Ignoring it, and ignorance of it, are one in the same," Rusty says.

Important because it's happened more than once: Stalin's purge of Russia. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. To forget could risk letting it happen again.

"It happened once, therefore it can happen again," says Ostendorff.

"If you forget history, you're doomed to relive it.  We can not forget," Milstein says.

A public viewing of the exhibit, which will include a dozen displays,  will be held  Wednesday, April 11th, the official 'day of remembrance' of the holocaust.

The viewing is free to the public.

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