Recruiters seek candidates for new military skills

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - As our military becomes more technologically advanced, finding the best and brightest men and women who will serve in those highly skilled positions becomes a competition with the civilian market.

In a highly skilled military now, all branches are looking for top-notch recruits. But perhaps none more than the largest branch.

The army."It's not like our grandfather's army anymore. We're really looking for the best and brightest because of all the technology we use. The army has about 150 career fields only 10 percent is combat related,"  said Longview army recruiter Sergeant first class Wesley Wills.

Long gone are the days of just shouldering a rifle and walking a post."In 6 months I went from Dripping Springs Texas to Washington D.C. and now I'm standing 5 feet from the president," says staff Sergeant Colin McCauley.

But getting promising young people to forgo college is the challenge, and challenging jobs is the army's business.

"While you're in the service you're going to be able to attend college and technical training.

They're out there our main focus is finding them," Wills says.In a technologically advanced army, drone and computer tech, a specific type of person is needed to master the wide variety of skills.

"The American soldier has to be highly adaptable. At least 4 to 5 additional duties besides their m-o-s," says Wills."It's what this nation expects," McCauley says.

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