The American Red Cross Is Asking For Volunteers

Volunteers never left the phone at the Smith County American Red Cross today. That's because people around East Texas want to help. Some donated money. Others want to donate their time, but before people can volunteer at the shelter they must go through a two and a half hour training course.

"We are sort of doing a self taught seminar, watching videos," said Joy Barns, volunteer. "We have to have some special training."

Classes went on all day. The Red Cross says they need more volunteers because the evacuees could be here for weeks.

"Your heart goes out to those people," said Barns. "You count your own blessings when you have a warm bathtub and clean clothes." Phyllis Gros doesn't have a warm bath to come home to. In fact, she doesn't have anything.

"I'm from Slidell, which is right where the eye of the hurricane past over and there's nothing left to my home," said Gros. Gros and her family came to the Red Cross looking for help.

"We're thinking if we can get to Baton Rouge we'd stay with her brother," said Gros. "That way we'd be closer to New Orleans whenever they would let us back in. This is all unexpected. We are low on funds and we need some sort of assistance. If we could get some clothes, maybe some food and money to get back." People like Gros is why help is still needed.

"I feel that the American Red Cross can take care of those funds better than we can at this point," said Conya Holcomb who donated money." The American Red Cross says they are taking it one day at a time. Right now they are asking people to call or stop by if they are interested in helping to find out what is needed. You can reach them at 903-581-7981.

Molly Reuter, reporting.