Facts vs. myths about allergy remedies

Facts vs. myths about allergy remedies

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Spring is in full swing and for many, that means allergy season is, too.

Dr. Jonathan Buttram, an allergy specialist at UT Health East Texas, says allergy season in East Texas can be unique.

"We have the same pollens as elsewhere in the United States... but there is a lot more here," he said.

Dr. Buttram said the most common allergy relief myth is that local honey will solve your symptoms.

"The reason it's a myth is because bees do collect pollens, but they don't collect the pollens that usually cause allergies."

Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez del Real, an allergy specialist with Allergy Partners of East Texas, agrees. Nonetheless, both doctors suggest you stick with honey if it has worked for you in the past.

Another remedy some people consider is moving to different climates.

Dr. Alvarez del Real said, "The myth is that in the desert you don't have mold and that actually is not accurate."

Other allergy sufferers may get personalized allergy shots. They're based on what you're allergic to after testing.

"What that does is actually induce an immune tolerance so that you make less allergic antibodies… and that's how your symptoms get better," said Dr. Buttram.

Dr. Buttram and Dr. Alvarez del Real suggest if you suffer allergies, get proper care because if left untreated, they could lead to other health issues.

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