Proud of East Texas: Leslie Fossey Rollings

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Walking is slow these days for Leslie Fossey Rollings and she tires easily, but just the fact that she can walk, as well as put her life back together, is nothing short of a miracle.

Prior to October of 2016, everything was going great for the mother and career woman.

"I thought that getting married, I had two precious children. I had the job of a lifetime."

While Leslie worked with an orthopedist by day, her exciting consulting job took her to the capitol to lobby for physicians of America. But Leslie's job and everything else in her life came to a sudden stop on October 6, 2016.

Nathalie Martin, who calls Leslie her close friend and mentor, says that day started like any other. Nathalie and Leslie left the house about the same time but Leslie stopped to take a phone call from her fiancee Brian Rollings.

"I'm coming up to the stop light there by the Dairy Queen. I have a green light with a green arrow so I'm not really worried."

But Nathalie does not take notice of an 18-wheeler as she describes it, "barreling toward her." She completes her turn but glances back in her review mirror and sees the unthinkable, Leslie's Highlander has been crushed by the 18-wheeler.

"She would have been in the turning lane with the green light and green arrow as well and he barreled into the side."

"I remember being in the garage and talking to Brian but after that, I don't remember anything."

Leslie was in a coma for two weeks with a traumatic brain injury.

"What that means is when the 18-wheeler hit me so hard, it shook my brain up so hard it killed some of the major cells in my brain."

Leslie wasn't expected to live and the fact that she is alive is a miracle. But Leslie's family never gave up home. Her children, Erica and Devon, visited her every day at the hospital.

"When I came out of the coma there were half stages and I was in a stage that's called amnesia."

And for the next six months, there was the fog stage. Through physical therapy, Leslie has come a long way. Her children are doing well and she is recently married to the fiancee who stayed by her throughout her ordeal.

While many things have changed in Leslie's life, many things haven't changed.

"The fact that I love God has not changed."

"You get down on your knees, you thank God because there's a reason you are here."

While Leslie Fossey Rollings will never be able to regain the lost time in her life, she'll be the first to tell you that God is good and life is good.

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