Man arrested after allegedly kidnapping man in hopes of stealing his ATM cash

Man arrested after allegedly kidnapping man in hopes of stealing his ATM cash
Douglas Eugene Barron Jr. arrested for kidnapping. Photo from Gregg County Judicial.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man is facing four charges including aggravated kidnapping. His arrest happened Saturday at the Lone Star #4 convenience store at the corner of White Oak Road and Highway 80 in White Oak.

Douglas Eugene Barron Jr. is in custody for injury to the disabled, aggravated kidnapping aggravated robbery, injury to a disabled and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. We spoke with the White Oak Police about the incident.

About 10:30 a.m., White Oak dispatch received a call about disorderly people at the White Oak Citizen's National Bank. Officer Trevor Templeton wasn't on duty at the time but explains what happened.

"They had left the scene prior to officer's arrival, and one of the officers had spotted a vehicle matching the description at the gas station across from the Citizen's National Bank," Templeton said.

He said they also had clothing and physical descriptions.

"And one of them, being the suspect that was arrested, had taken the victim against his will at about 6 o'clock that morning," Templeton stated.

Police say Douglas Eugene Barron Jr. was trying to get cash from the victim.

"The suspect was trying to get the victim to withdraw money from the ATM at the gas station," Templeton explained.

Before that, the Magistrate's Review said Barron had hurt the victim.

"During the course of the incident, he had punched him twice in the face, I think while they were driving down Highway 80," Templeton said.

Police say Barron had forced the victim into his car on the east side of Longview, and they say Barron's intent was to:

"Go to the ATM and force him to withdraw cash, and if he didn't he threatened to cause him physical, bodily harm. Turned out later to be a disabled individual and so he really couldn't put up much of a fight or anything like that," Templeton stated.

Barron, whose address is Marietta, Texas, was placed on a $127,500 bond and remains in the Gregg County Jail. Police are investigating and in the process of gathering surveillance video of the incident.

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