Better East Texas: Legacies of MLK, Rev. Graham will continue to influence

(KLTV) - Several significant events and remembrances took place recently as the nation paused to reflect on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a nation, we recognize the legacy of Dr. King each year around his birthday, but reflecting on 50 years since his assassination has a different feel.  Sometimes it seems that equality across all the fronts that King fought for has been changing at a snail's pace.

The climate of the earth seems to be changing faster than something that we have laws addressing and continue to examine as a society. Attitudes obviously change slower than we'd like.

We also reflected this year on the life of evangelist Billy Graham.  Both these men worked on the platform of faith and spirituality. They reached out with great influence and while Dr. King's life was cut short, Billy Graham lived to be 99 years old.  Both these giants had tremendous impact on changing lives across America and the world. But I believe that each one would also say that their work was very personal and that their goal was to impact one person at a time.

Sadly, in both cases, there is more work to do. And, there currently are few figures who have the influence that these men had, and while both faced criticism through their lives, they stayed focused and impactful, even after death.  We need more leaders like these two, because there is still work to do.  As a nation, we obviously still have civil rights challenges and our spiritual condition is certainly questionable as well.  

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