Better East Texas: Does Roseanne's new show reflect current society?

BET: Roseanne's reboot

(KLTV) - The recent reboot of the 1980's sitcom Roseanne on ABC has network programmers scratching their heads.

ABC has put a huge promotional push behind the reboot of American Idol which has done well in the ratings, but nothing like what Roseanne has delivered. In the premiere of Roseanne, 18 million viewers tuned in. With all the viewing options available today, that is a big number. The ultimate irony is that Roseanne attracted the majority of the shows' viewers from the middle of the country.

The largest markets – New York and Los Angeles, largely did not watch Roseanne.  So, in this age of resurrection of classic TV shows, we have one that has hit a hot button with audiences across most of the nation and has outperformed most of the so-called hit programs that are currently on network line ups.

This begs the question of whether entertainment television reflects society or changes society.  In this case, it appears that Roseanne reflects society and the general frustration with an absence of programming that reflects the interests of middle America.  No idea if Roseanne can keep the momentum, but early returns certainly suggest some staying power and ABC has renewed the program for another season – again probably to the wonderment of some of the programmers at the network.

Ultimately and thankfully, this shows that not all of America shares the interests of those in New York and LA.  It is a lesson that perhaps will trigger more programming options that are independent of those geographical influences and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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