Town-by-town reports along Miss. coast from Katrina

Town-by-town report of Mississippi coastal damage from Hurricane Katrina.xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Highway 90 "destroyed"

Communications down, transportation systems demolished.

Medical services crippled.



Beau Rivage is damaged, but still stands.

Hard Rock Casino, scheduled to open in early September, suffered 50 percent damages. The signature guitar, said to be the world's largest, still stood.

At least five casinos out of commission.

St. Thomas the Apostlic Catholic Church, which sits on U.S. 90, is gone.



Fire chief estimates 75 percent of buildings have major roof damage, "if they have a roof left at all."

The storm surge crossed the CSX railroad tracks.

Heavy damage to Memorial Hospital.

First floor of the Armed Forces Retirement Home flooded.

Three of four walls have collapsed at Harrison Central 9th Grade School in North Gulfport.

At least three firehouses have taken significant damage.

Hancock County:

Emergency Operations Center swamped.

Back of the county courthouse gave way.


Harrison County:

Reports of up to 80 fatalities.

Damage to virtually all shelters.

Lyman Elementary lost two buildings.

People were moved to another building on campus safely.

Woolmarket Elementary lost its roof.

West Wortham Elementary has significant roof damage.



A number of businesses and homes damaged in the area.

U.S. 49 and Highway 11 shut down.

Wind speeds of 95 mph.


Jackson County:

Roof peeling off Emergency Operations Center.


Long Beach:

First Baptist Church is leveled.



The Jackson County Emergency Management Agency had to relocate to the courthouse after the roof came off their building downtown.

The roof also came off the gym at St. Martin High School.

Reports of flooding in the Chipley area.


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