College President Opens Doors To Louisiana Family

We caught up with Dr. Hawkins' family today at Texas College as they were having lunch. Right now about 15 of them are staying at his house. They live north and east of New Orleans and found out all seven of the homes among them are underwater. "I think this morning it was difficult because now we're able to see the media coverage on the TV. There was quite a few tears shed this morning at the home," says Dr. Hawkins. "I have the clothes I have on and one other outfit that's it. We didn't bring a whole lot of money with us, we didn't anticipate being gone but maybe a day and we've been gone three days already. Things are tight," says Dianne Diggs who lives in Slidel, LA. Dr. Hawkins has opened the president's house on the campus of Texas College to additional family members on their way to Tyler. They say they hope to hear from other relatives soon who decided to wait out the storm.

Christine Nelson reporting.