Louisiana Residents Find "Power" In East Texas

With word that power might not be restored in Louisiana for weeks, the lucky few are getting their hands on generators in Tyler. That was the case at Lowe's today on South Broadway. Generators there had been sold out since yesterday morning, but Lowe's got its hands on a few extra from the Lindale store. This New Orleans family bought three generators to take back to what's left of their homes. "When we get back it's expected to be 4-6 weeks with no electricity in New Orleans. Plus there's going to be no water, no potable water. Probably gas service will be off so we can't dry anything," says Walter O'Donnell who evacuated from New Orleans.

Lowe's says it will not be receiving any more generators. Shipments are being sent to the locations hit by Hurricane Katrina. The Home Depot here in Tyler is also sold out.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com