Disaster Relief Teams Prepared To Help, Wait In East Texas

A convoy of trucks and trailers were parked in Marshall, Tuesday morning; waiting to begin taking relief into hurricane-torn areas. Between one hundred and one hundred and fifty men with the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Team have outfitted and stocked their trucks each with a mobile kitchen in the trailer.

They can provide thousands meals a day, making a real difference to those whose homes are destroyed and to those helping to rebuild.

Tim Willis from the Top Of Texas Disaster Team talked about what their missions will be like. "We have a feeding unit, and we also have a chainsaw unit attached to us, and a chaplain. And we'll go into a community in Alexandria at the Horseshoe Baptist Church, and we'll be prepared to prepare up to 20 thousand meals a day."

The first few trucks got their assignments, Tuesday morning. Two trucks took off towards Alexandria; others went towards Lafayette. The rest, simply will wait until they recieve their marching orders.