East Texas non-profit, Texas Baptist men help rebuild after Hurricane Harvey

East Texas non-profit, Texas Baptist men help rebuild after Hurricane Harvey
Texas Baptist Men (Source: Bruce Slaven)

HAWKINS, TX (KLTV) - East Texan Bruce Slaven is one of many volunteers with the Texas Baptist Men, a non-profit organization that continues to help countless people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"When we go into a house usually the first thing they ask is why are we doing this and we tell them [...] we're doing this because that's what God would have us do," Slaven said. "That that's our mission and addition to that we're there to help them simply to help them; it's hard for people to understand nowadays that somebody would come in and do this work for free."

Slaven helps people who otherwise wouldn't be able to rebuild their homes.

"We've helped a lot of elderly women and men who do not have the [...] physical ability to get out and clean up their house or rebuild it," he said. "So we go in there and do that for them; we provide all the sheetrock, all the materials to do that so we're trying to save them the expense."

Fourty-nine states sent volunteers to help the organization's relief efforts across South Texas.

"I personally went out to the Golden Triangle area and help people recover from floods and that means we tear up carpets, we take out sheetrock, we spray for mold so black mold will not [...] reoccur," he said. "It's basically stripping the house so a contractor or Texas Baptist Men rebuild can go in there and start rebuilding their homes."

Slaven said the work is hard and strenuous but it's also extremely gratifying.

In 2017 Texas Baptist Men volunteers responded to 19 disasters at 54 sites and made almost 26,000 personal contacts with affected individuals.

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