Evacuees In Longview Can't Go Home

Evacuees in Longview are faced with the knowledge it could be weeks before they can go home and more than a month before they have electricity there.

"Confusion, you know disbelief." "It's hard not knowing and not having reports." These are the words heard from evacuees in Longview today. They say they are happy they are safe, but they don't know what their future holds.

"They say we can't go back for a week," said Walter Puckett, New Orleans resident. "I just heard on the TV they are evacuating New Orleans because the water is getting higher."

"They want us to stay put until they know for sure it is safe for us to go back in," said Sharon Scott, New Orleans Resident. What they do know is not good news.

"Throughout the river Parishes there's no electricity, there's no gas stations, there's no food," said Desmond Hilarie, New Orleans resident. That is why so many evacuees say they are grateful to be here in East Texas.

"They say to be here is a blessing and atleast they have someplace to go," said Mandy Burks, Emergency Services Director, American Red Cross.  "They've got meals. They've got shelter."

"The accomidations here are just, you could not ask for nothing better. They are so helpful," said Puckett. Most importantly evacuees say, they are alive.

"It's a lot of sentimental stuff, but it all can be replaced as long as your family is alive that's all that matters," said Sandy Cananaugh who's parents are from the New Orleans area.

The red cross says on Thursday they will be moving everyone staying in the Marshall Civic Center to Longview. That's because an event is taking place at the civic center Thusday night. There are about 115 evacuees staying in marshall right now.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com