State awards grant funds for vets mental health

State awards grant funds for vets mental health

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - State funding has been announced that will enable the continued treatment of Texas veterans with PTSD.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission announced the awarding of 10-million dollars in gr ant funds to 20 organizations across the state and some of that money is coming to East Texas.

Places like the East Texas Veterans Resource center in Longview go a long way to help returning veterans deal with the very real problem of PTSD.

"Went to Afghanistan in 2014. I was involved in security details there which caught indirect fire quite often, worked 100 something suicide cases," says army veteran Ricky Henderson.

10 million dollars in gr ants from HHSC will go to places like the resource center, which are totally dependent on state funding.

For army veterans Henderson and Zach Bowser, it's part of coping with daily life.

"I'd definitely put it at the top of any help that me and my battle buddies need," says Henderson.

"Especially when you get out of the military to talk to about experiences you had in the military everyone was dealing with it. If you don't have someone to talk to about it, who do you talk to about it?" Bowser says.

The announced funding is welcome news, knowing that counseling can be a very long process.

"It will bring not only awareness and treatment to veterans in need, but to family members as well. It also shows community care and it'll be ongoing support," Henderson says.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will award up to 20-million dollars in state funds through 2019, to be matched by local and private funds.

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