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Elkhart ISD superintendent releases statement about high school lockdown

(Source: School website) (Source: School website)

According to the Elkhart ISD superintendent, a threatening anonymous note spurred a lockdown at the high school on Wednesday.
Dr. Roy DeSpain, the note threatened to "shoot up" the school.

The complete statement from Dr. DeSpain is as follows;

At 9:42 a.m. today, I received a telephone call from High School Principal Jason Ives.  An unsigned, hand-written note stating:  “I’m gonna shoot up this school. Check your bags before 2:00” had been taped to a water fountain in the main hall.  

We take any and all threats VERY seriously, whether they are written or verbal.  

By established and practiced protocol, we went into “Lock Down” mode at the High School campus (meaning that all students and staff were to remain in the classrooms until further notice). From our training, best practices advise us that this is the best measure for student and staff safety. 

We contacted the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department.  They responded immediately and very efficiently and professionally. 

A thorough combing/search of the entire facility was conducted.  In addition, all students and their back packs were searched.  Thankfully, all students were very cooperative and respectful – as we knew they would be.

The thorough search was conducted very efficiently and in a timely manner.  We feel confident that all measures have been taken to avoid incident, and have returned to normal operations.  As per established protocol, and for the safety of our students and staff, we are advised by school safety experts to discourage parents from coming to the school during lock down in order to prevent further confusion and disruption.   

The authorities gave us the “All-Clear” (at 11:05) to resume normal operations.  

We will continue to be, as always, very cautious and vigilant of our surroundings.  As a strictly precautionary measure, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to post two officers at the High School campus for the rest of today and tomorrow.  

A thorough investigation to ascertain who wrote and placed the note is underway.   

Please know that student and staff safety and security is always our TOP PRIORITY.  

Thank you for your cooperation in assisting us in dealing with this matter.

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