Better East Texas: Let kids be kids without fear of parental lawbreaking

(KLTV) - It is a sad day when we must have laws created that regulate and define what are considered appropriate parenting techniques.

Recently, the state of Utah passed a law that protects parents from prosecution when they allow their children to partake in things like walking home from a park or bus stop or other freedoms.  Parents have been charged with neglect who allow children to do things that some children need supervision doing.  So, Utah is taking a swing at protecting parents who give their kids some added freedoms – so called "Free Range Parenting".

Now, no one believes that kids should be left to their own desires and management without parental guidance, but there is certainly a case for kids to be able to be kids and for parents to allow them to be kids without the fear of being charged with neglect. There was a time when we used to ride bikes for miles as kids, or play in a creek, and while child safety needs to be paramount, there is a reason we were created with skin that heals after a spill on a bike.

Our kids need a little freedom to explore the world on their own, and as parents we need to be close, but not wholly controlling the perimeter, to prevent the unexpected. We see the product of over-protective parents all around, as it has impact on the lack of independence a young adult has, and that can be a massive disservice to them as individuals. Common sense needs to rule, but let kids live a little, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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