Better East Texas: Will March For Our Lives have impact on next election?

(KLTV) - Recently, there were huge gatherings across the nation and the world for the March For Our Lives cause, which primarily focused on applying pressure on law makers for tougher gun laws and laws associated with mental health and gun acquisition. 

Speakers, many from schools or families affected by gun violence, had the message to federal, state and local law makers that they must act, or they will pay a price in November at the ballot box.  It was a powerful rallying cry to action and did get the attention of many elected officials. The test of the movement now will be if it truly results in enough young people registering to vote and then following through on election day.

The generation that is leading this movement has a history of being very vocal and demonstrative when it comes to issues like these, but they are yet to truly have much impact at the ballot box. Likewise, it is popular for elected officials to profess that change is needed in laws surrounding the sales of some guns, mental health screenings, school safety and socioeconomic conditions that all have a role in contributing to the issue of violence with firearms. But in both cases – action by our youth and action by elected officials, there is a history of a lack of sustained meaningful impact.

Perhaps this will be different and reasonable, effective action will result as it is desperately needed.  There is middle ground that can be found where all sides are respected and ultimately lives are saved.  Once that is found, it will make for a better East Texas.

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