Tyler considering Quijing, China for new sister city

Tyler considering Quijing, China for new sister city
Tyler Sister Cities Program (Source: Tyler Sister Cities)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Tyler Sister Cities program is a cultural exchange opportunity for East Texans.The program is partnered with four countries around the world- including Japan, Poland, Costa Rica and Mexico.

The organization has reached out to other cities that have cultural exchanges and is considering a city in China. But we were wondering how the program chooses a city.

"[What we consider is] does it bring anything to the City of Tyler," Tyler Sister Cities Board Member Russ Jackson said. "The education, the nursing programs, the business structure [and] the city government because you could go to a city that's not very strong at all and it wouldn't be to our advantage."

Jackson said the new sister city is part of the organizations efforts to expand the program.

"We believe that we need to do a better job of doing this within our community; so we have been campaigning to [...] to actively recruit people and sometimes it's just like anything it kind of starts waning off but we really feel that it's a good program and we'd like to see it grow," he said.

Jackson said they are looking to establish a new relationship abroad that will give East Texans educational and business opportunities.

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