Deputies investigate apparent drive-by shooting

Deputies investigate apparent drive-by shooting
The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a drive-by shooting that took place Sunday.
They say for right now, a bullet they found at the scene could be their only lead to finding the shooter. It happened on County Road 334 in Smith County, just outside of Tyler.

"If I would have been sitting here, I wouldn’t be sitting here now, so I’m just really grateful to God," victim Bo Bennett says.

Bennett says he sits in a particular spot on his couch every Sunday after church, a spot where one of the bullets directly hit.   
What he didn't know was that changing his plans this one Sunday could possibly have saved his life.

"Any other Sunday we would have been sitting at the house, but a friend needed help moving, so we weren't there, the good lord really looked out for us," Bennett says.

Bennett says he received a call around 5:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon from his neighbor, telling them they had heard several gun shots in the Bennett’s front yard.

Five bullet holes were shot through the entire house, and all of them went through several different rooms and out the other side.
The sixth bullet tore through the inside of their car.

"It came through the back of the car here, went in, came apart and through the seats, and went out the front windshield," Bennett says.
The Smith County Sheriff’s Office says they have no leads, but they were able to recover one bullet, which they say is a large caliber rifle round.

"I pray that he or she turns their life around and gives their life to Christ before someone really gets hurt," Bennett says.
Fortunately, because the family was not home at the time of the shooting, no one was injured.

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