Hundreds Pack Tyler Hotel Rooms, Wait For Return

The video is horrific, when it's a place you call home.

"[New Orleans is] a great city, but unfortunately it's built with water all around," says evacuee Tommy Westfeldt.

They're at hotels on a trip they didn't plan.  They just have to wait for word on when to go home, and what might be left.

"I'm a bit afraid to go back," Westfeldt says.  "My concerns are whether my businesses are going to be affected."

As some listen to news from home, the truth is that it's a beautiful day here. And so for some, it's time to play. It's extra vacation time before heading back to school and heading to what's left of home.

Sandy Sadler evacuated with his wife and two daughters.

"Overall, I don't have any fears. I'm here with my family and all other material items -- I'm not concerned about."

As the day wears on, some hear their friends are OK and some hear their homes are not. And they hold on to what they have that is dear.

"[His daughters are] keeping up with the terms of 'tornado' and 'moving to the east and to the west,'" Sadler says.

Their spirit remains and their minds are on what's important -- those they love while they plan for that road back home, the road back to normal.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.