Atmos Energy customers to get reduced rates

Atmos Energy customers to get reduced rates

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Thursday Longview City Council approved a resolution that allows Atmos Energy to reduce rates for their customers.

"The City of Longview is actually looking at an item on their council agenda to look at the rate structure for Atmos," spokesperson for the City of Longview Shawn Hara said.

This comes after President Trump passed the Tax Cut and Job Act in December 2017, reducing the federal corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent.

"With the change to the corporate tax structure, that means that some of these companies are experiencing reduced cost," Hara said.

Texas based company Atmos Energy is one of the many companies benefiting from the tax plan. Since they can now function for a lower cost that means a break for customers.

"The end result is probably going to be a six percent reduction for the base rate for customers," Hara said. "That is good news for the person that is paying their bill every month."

Some business owners welcome the change.

An extension of the 66-year-old restaurant Johnny Cace Seafood & Steakhouse, Kathy Cace opened The Cace Kitchen three years ago.

"We cook from the same recipes that we cooked at Johnny Cace's but we have everything to go," owner Kathy Cace said.

Using a large double oven and eight burner stove, a reduction in the gas bill would allow Cace to put more money back into the business.

"Anytime we can get any break or help on expenses like that, certainly would be very welcomed," Cace said.

The reduction in rates will not only affect Longview residents, but all included in the mid-Tex division. Customers will see the rate reduction starting on the April 1 billing cycle.

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