Kilgore's Texan Theater is nearly finished, already hosting events

Kilgore's Texan Theater is nearly finished, already hosting events
The Texan Theater is now a multi-purpose venue. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - It's been just sitting in downtown Kilgore unused for years, but now the city is making something old new again.

The City of Kilgore has owned the Texan Theater for decades, and City Manager Josh Selleck says it had been pretty much collecting dust until recently.

"We had a three-week window between events in our historic Texan Theater here and in these three weeks we've brought in around 600 yards of dirt," Selleck said.

That sounds like it defeated the purpose of dusting, but they needed it to level the tiered floor.

"We've poured concrete so we now have a single-level floor," Selleck stated.

They got rid of the two foot step, making it a whole lot safer for a multi-use community center.

"Tuesday we poured concrete," Selleck said.

"Did you write your name in the concrete?" I asked him.

"I didn't. I had a council member who called me that she had, and luckily she was joking," Selleck smiled.

"That got smoothed over," I offered.

"That's right," he laughed.

Carpet and lobby walls are next. But the calls keep coming in.

"I mean, we just have so many different types of events already booked for the facility when it's not even done," Selleck said.

In fact some organizers of an upcoming comic convention helped with some renovation as a trade for use of the facility, which was kind of how folks saddled up to the Texan.

"One of the biggest pushes behind this was the Reel East Texas Film Festival, who got in here and showed us that it could be dressed up and it could be cleaned up and it could be used for various things," Selleck revealed.

They cleaned up the outside, and the city is updating the inside with electrical work and a new 23-foot movie screen. The balcony is closed and what they're doing with that is up in the air.

"I think it's going to be a very popular venue that will continue to draw people through our historic downtown," Selleck added.

But if you want to use the restroom at the Texan, you'll have to hold your horses. Those aren't working just yet.

There are working restrooms across the street at the old post office. The KilGogh Art & Wine Exhibition will be held at the Texan from 7-10 Friday night with a wine tasting and Van Gogh tribute artist. Tickets are $50.

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