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Second officer impersonation occurs in East Texas


The Upshur County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for a suspect who allegedly impersonated an officer on Sunday near Diana..

The second incident in East Texas this week, people impersonating officers is becoming a real problem.

“It’s very dangerous; it can be dangerous for the person that had to stop the vehicle, and it can be dangerous for the person that is doing this,” Sheriff Larry Webb said.  

Sheriff Webb says a resident reported she pulled over for what she believed was a police car attempting to stop her.   

“We had a citizen that was stopped by a subject that was flashing their headlights at them and then come out and made contact with them,” Webb said.

At that time, the impersonator advised her she was pulled over for acting suspiciously and then asked to search the victim’s car.

“During that encounter the individual felt that it wasn’t appropriate, and they wound up, she wound up leaving the scene,” Webb said.  

The sheriff says when pulled over, you should look for some key factors to ensure you are being stopped by law enforcement.  

“The very first thing they usually do, is they identify themselves of who they are and who they work for,” Webb said. “They will be in some type of uniform and there will be a badge showing.”

Sheriff Webb also says law enforcement should always be in some kind of marked vehicle with blue and red lights.

The Upshur County Sheriff’s Office is coordinating with Smith County and Tyler officials who have experienced some of the same incidents.

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