Paramedics reunite with patient they saved

Paramedics reunite with patient they saved
First responders , Becky and Rick Ellis (Source: The Ellis Family)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - First responders often help people in medical emergencies, but once their shift ends, they rarely get to meet the people they save.

But for a change, a few paramedics had an opportunity to reunite with a man whose life they saved.

62-year-old Rick Ellis suffered from a heart attack over a week ago. On Wednesday, Rick and his wife Becky met the first responders who saved his life and the dispatcher who walked Becky through CPR until paramedics arrived.

A lot of laughs and tears were shared; but everyone involved was happy to see each other.

Paramedic Manuel Baez said it's an amazing experience to reunite with the person he helped save.

"Ninety percent of us all get into this job because we love helping people, and to see the end product of actually helping somebody, it's the most gratifying thing we can have," he said.

The Ellis' said they are grateful for everyone who had a part in keeping Mr. Ellis alive.

Mrs. Ellis said she wanted to speak with the dispatcher and first responders to express her gratitude.

"Just to reassure them that the job that they're doing matters, it mattered to us," she said.

Mrs. Ellis said thanks to the paramedics she is looking forward to celebrating her 44th anniversary with her husband in just a few months.

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