Better East Texas: Joy Behar apologizes

(KLTV) - The View talk show on ABC is celebrating twenty years of being on-air, which is a long time for a single program that has remained, essentially, unchanged. 

They have rotated a few faces in the seats but the format is the same. Joy Behar is the one co-host who has been there they entire twenty years.  I have been critical of The View before here, and most recently for Behar's comments suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence's spiritual walk with Jesus was akin to mental illness.

Well, there has been a lot of blow back on Behar and The View. Reports surfaced last week that she called Mr. Pence to apologize, which she did.  This past week she finally acknowledged she was wrong in those comments on-air and apologized on the program itself. This is the first time I can remember that a co-host on The View has apologized for anything over the twenty-year run of the program.

There seems to be an invisible line that has been constructed by society where an apology is a sign of weakness – where saying I was wrong or I am sorry somehow blemishes your character.  I would suggest that the exact opposite is the case.  I disagree with Joy Behar on most of her opinions, but I have a tiny bit more respect for her because of this apology.  We need more people in the public light to admit error and then we need to forgive when that admission happens.  It will add the human side of our culture back in to the discussion and make for a Better East Texas.

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