TK Gorman's Milton Name On Stadium

TK GORMAN (KLTV) - Tuesday at TK Gorman high school the stadium will be renamed in honor of Reverend Jerome Milton.  Track coach who racked up state titles he perhaps best at getting student athletes scholarships.  His athletes weren't always the biggest, but they certainly were the brightest, Milton who was raised in foster homes was a father to his teams.  When he talked you could hear a pin drop, one of his former athletes said listening to him was more fun that actually competing.

I met Rev Milton years ago and was in awe of this man, focused and motivating he helped shape young teens dreams and hopes.  Not to mention their confidence, he is the true definition of the word coach.  Breaking barriers and overcoming personal setbacks in his life he's a winner everyday, and that continues to resonate with the entire TK Gorman school.  So if you want to see class up front go to the TK Gorman track meet on Tuesday March 27th, on that day a stadium's new era will begin.

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