Local law enforcement explains how to remain cautious in wake of Austin explosions

Local law enforcement explains how to remain cautious in wake of Austin explosions
Report suspicious packages to local law enforcement (Source: KLTV)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In the wake of the recent bomb explosions, Texas Department of Public Safety is reminding Texans to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to authorities.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said though incidents like the Austin bombings are not occurring in East Texas, it is still important to be aware.

"We always remain vigilant when we have things going on as close as they are in Austin," he said. "If something like this were to happen here, first of all to be completely prepared you'd have to know what kind of event and what type of place it happens at; but obviously we're always prepared, we work well with all of the state, federal, and local law enforcement."

Smith said if you are not expecting a package from a delivery service, then don't touch it and immediately report it to law enforcement.

"But if you're not expecting something like that, call your local law enforcement, [we would] rather be called before something happens then for somebody to go messing with a package and it have a device in it," he said.

University of Texas at Tyler political science professor Martin Slann said incidents like this can cause people to be paranoid.

"Events like this are designed to make people feel afraid; this is what terrorism is all about," he said. "It's intimidation and fear and it's very successful, because [...] nobody in their right mind would think Austin is a target."

But Slann explains how important it is to cope with situations like this.

"[It's important] to simply go about our daily lives conducting them as we would normally do, but at the same time, be alert and be aware," he said.

At this time there have been no reports of suspicious packages in East Texas.

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