Police searching for suspect they say assaulted woman while impersonating officer

Police searching for suspect they say assaulted woman while impersonating officer

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler police are searching for a man they say assaulted a woman while impersonating an officer.

"That could be my daughter or wife, and it's sad that someone would go out there and make someone think that they are law enforcement," Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer Don Martin says.

Tyler police are taking these recent officer impersonations very personally, specifically this case; a man police say targeted and took advantage of a woman who was alone.

"All of a sudden she looks in her rear-view mirror and sees a red strobe light going off in the dash," Martin says.

And that prompted her to pull over on FM 2813, a secluded wooded area just after midnight.

"The person who pulled her over got out and approached her, he was wearing black pants, black shirt, black baseball cap," Martin says.

The woman told police he immediately asked for the money that was in her purse.

She denied having any cash, and that's when police say the suspect got angry, grabbed the back of the victim's head, and slammed her face into the steering wheel.

"The description of the suspect, was a person, early 30's, 5'7", scruffy beard," Martin says.

Tyler police say they want to make sure drivers are aware that police units are the only vehicles permitted to have a combination of red and blue lights.

But if you're still not convinced that an actual officer is pulling you over, call 911 and check to make sure a police unit is in the area you're being pulled over.

Tyler police say if you have any information on this case or the suspect, they urge you to call the department immediately.