Power lifting to success

Power lifting to success
Children who haven't gone through puberty should emphasize low weight and high repetitions. (Source: KLTV staff)

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Nothing like getting experience as a young student-athlete going to state. Such is the case for two sophomores from Sabine High School.

Erika Lowery and BJ Stidham know how that is sure to pay for them in their junior season.

Lowery competed in the UIL state powerlifting championship in Waco over the weekend.

Though she didn't place keep in mind it was her first trip and she competed against veterans, taking it all in stride now she knows what to expect on her next trip to state.

As for Stidham, he received valuable advice from his teammate, as the boys' state completion is this weekend.

His passion for the sport runs deep, as he's all into powerlifting even hoping to compete in meets that aren't affiliated with high school.

It's that kind of determination that can expand the self-esteem of any athlete.

No matter what happens at state, he's already on the right track as is Lowery.  As competing sophomores, their future in the sport is very promising.

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