Couple Enjoys Life In Airplane Hangar

Welcome to Bob and Susan Chambers' home at Holly Lake.

It's like any other home, only airplanes are parked in the garage, instead of cars.

"It's just a big garage is all it is," Bob said. "I mean, motorcycles, tractors, and airplanes."

Bob has been a pilot for 49 years. Susan is his wife and flying partner.

"It sure beats having to drive to DFW or over to Shreveport to catch a flight," she said.

Bob buys planes from all over the world and refurbishes the ones he can.

"I buy them, fly them for six months, a year, and then sell it," he said. "I don't get attached to them."

They apparently don't get attached to their homes either. The Chambers have lived in 12 different homes in their 30 years together.

"We're kind of gypsies," Susan said.

In fact, they just built their quarter-of-a-million-dollar hangar home in March, and already, it's on the market for sale.

"We want to build a bigger one," Bob said.

Their current one is 4,800 square feet. They want 6,000 square feet in their next one to entertain their children and grandchildren.

"And their friends would come in and say, 'Wow, this is fun,'" Susan said.

Bob and Susan are off to New Mexico tonight. Bob says he'll keep flying until the day he dies.

Bob and Susan have traveled together all over the country and even to Canada and South America.

Julie Tam, reporting.