A sight rarely seen in Longview: Golfers in tutus for a cause

A sight rarely seen in Longview: Golfers in tutus for a cause
Scott Clark and troupe just dancing on the green. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Golfers generally dress predictably: khaki shorts and polos, but put them in a golf tournament for charity, and the dress code could be lightened, and so might some of their form.

So, what's orange, floats in the air and walks on green? A golfer at Pine Crest Golf Course and some of his friends. Scott Clark says although he does a little dancing on the oil field on occasion, he doesn't usually wear a tutu at the golf course.

"This is for a friend of ours. She's in a ballet troupe over in Longview and her grandfather owns a Whataburger," Clark explained.

Thus the orange tutus. Hannah Holmtren is that friend, and she's a student with the Longview Ballet, but today she's an instructor.

"Miss Hannah, she's our teacher. She gives us some training and shows us some moves and I haven't found one that felt good yet. They all hurt," Clark said.

Well, no pain no gain. It may take more training before it's applied to golf, but so far:

"No tutu tangles?" I asked Clark.

"No tutu tangles," he grinned.

"You've got a workout outfit now," I offered.

"Yeah, I do. I do have shorts on under these though," Clark said.

That was good thinking. It was pretty windy.

Pat George Mitchell, Longview Ballet Theater Artistic Director, helped put together "Dancing on the Green", the tournament to help fund the upcoming "Aladdin" performance.

"We have over 31 children doing principal children's roles, along with collaborating with Ballet West II," Mitchell explained.

And so the production needs a little financial help from the tournament, and some of the golfers will sacrifice for the sake of art.

"And it's really a great bonding time for the kids. They really get to see what real dancing is about, with the professionals," Mitchell stated.

Of course, she means Ballet West II when they come back for the performance of "Aladdin", not Golfers in Tutus. Hannah says those guys may need more practice.

"How were their leaps?" I asked her.

"Well, their knees weren't very straight and they didn't have full splits, but they did good," Hannah said.

Well it's a good thing they're helping bring Ballet West II back to town. I don't think these guys are quite ready for lead dancing. Ah, but the grace of golfers.

Aladdin will be performed April 27 and 28 at the LeTourneau Belcher Center in Longview, featuring dancers from Ballet West II. For more information click here.

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