State representatives hoping to diminish DPS wait times

State representatives hoping to diminish DPS wait times

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - State representatives are teaming up with DPS, with the goal of reducing your wait time when you go to get your driver's license renewed.

This issue was addressed in a statewide committee just last month, when State Representative Matt Schaefer told DPS officials that even he has waited in line for nearly four hours.

What most people do not know is, according to DPS, 70% of what residents need done at the office can be done on their computer.

The Texas Department of Public Safety offers a way to schedule a drive test online, as well as a way to 'Get in Line' online.

"I moved in here a couple of days ago and I sat in here for half my day, but this morning I came in and went up to the kiosk, got a tag, and sat for just a few minutes," Texas resident Monica Parsley says.

DPS officials sat with Texas representatives and proposed a plan to decrease wait time by advertising online convenience on social media and television advertisements. 

The 'Get in Line' online site offers a way to renew or replace a driver's license, purchase a new license, and change your address or name.

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