Student Ministry helps church affected by Hurricane Harvey

Student Ministry helps church affected by Hurricane Harvey
South Spring Baptist Church student ministry (Source: South Spring Baptist Church)

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Over 20 students from the South Spring Baptist Church student ministry spent their spring break working alongside First Baptist Church Deweyville to help cleanup around the congregation.

"They allowed us to clean for them and they let us get to build relationships and bond with the students there," volunteer Hayden Hommel said. "That was probably my favorite part because we got to know people we didn't know and influence their lives in a better way."

First Baptist Church Deweyville is one of many congregations affected by Hurricane Harvey. Students helped by power washing buildings, organizing food pantries; they even put in bathroom stalls. But volunteers said the best part of the trip was building relationships with the Deweyville student ministry and strengthening their relationships with each other.

"I think they encouraged us more than we encouraged them because we came down there to help encourage them but it turned out they were happy with their situation and some of them had some really bad situations; but they were happy and thriving and that encouraged us," volunteer Kegan Gunter said.

One volunteer said the trip taught her there is always a way to help others.

"My mom always said that her favorite question is that we ask 'what can I help you with' and [...] that was the most asked question that we heard," volunteer Hannah Wilson said.

The students said they appreciate the opportunity to help and learn from another congregation.

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