59th Annual Azalea Trails open for visitors

59th Annual Azalea Trails open for visitors

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For almost 60 years Tyler has welcomed thousands of visitors to the historic Azalea Trials.

Guy and Joan Pyron have welcomed people into their backyard for the Azalea Trails. Their yard is usually one of the first stops on the trail.

"This garden, exactly this corner of Dobbs and College, I think it's the most beautiful area," visitor Luzma Owens said.

Throughout the year the family works to make sure the garden looks spectacular for Tyler residents and those visiting from out of state.

"We open the house to people because they seem to enjoy it," Guy Pyron said. "We've enjoyed gardening and building what is here, and we are happy to share it with Tyler and anyone else who is interested in looking at it."

Last year the azaleas bloomed early, making for a colorless trail, but this year Pyron says the azalea buds are just starting to open.

"By blooming a little later, flowers other than azaleas will be blooming at the same time, the dogwood, the chameleons, all the spring flowers seem to be blooming at the same time," Pyron said.

Originally from Mexico, Owens says when she moved to Tyler her favorite part was visiting the Azalea Trails because she did not grow up with the flower.

"We just love the flowers, the way they look; we don't love the allergies that come with the flowers, but we love the rest of the things," Owens said.

Along with meeting the people who visit his yard, Pyron says one of his favorite parts of this time of year getting out of the house.

"Just enjoy nature's beauty, and of course there's a lot of other things going on in Tyler, too," Pyron said. "So it really just makes a nice destination for people in the spring to get out and do something they haven't been able to do during the winter."

The Azalea Trails will be open until April 1. Guests can drive through the trail or ride the official Azalea Trail shuttle for $10. Rides are offered Friday to Sunday and last for about an hour.

For more information on the Azalea Trails visit the Tyler website.

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