Hollywood Chaminade Battles REL, But Not Without A Hitch

It's the game that almost wasn't.
Hurricane Katrina delayed Florida's Hollywood Chaminade Madonna from making it to Tyler until late Friday night for their match up against Robert E. Lee.
Then when it seemed like all systems go, the team had arrived and the game was set, it was all delayed by storms here in East Texas.
There was lightning in the Tyler area long after the rain had stopped. The game was set to begin at 8 p.m. but because of the rules, they had to wait till 30 minutes after the last lightning strike to give the game the all clear.
Around noon Friday Chaminade Madonna, arrived at Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium for a walk through and light practice. From the coaches to players and parents, all were impressed with the stadium.
Chaminade Madonna is Florida's 2003, Class 2-A state champs
The team includes father and coach Mark Guandolo, and son and quarterback, also Mark.
Both said Florida is on their mind but they think they are more than ready to see what Texas football is all about.
"We're excited to be here and we're feeling for our families back home, who are dealing with the hurricane the cleanup," Coach Guandolo. "I think it's a good chance for our players to get their mind off of it and have a little fun."
"We're definitely expecting them to be very intense," said QB Mark. "We know they're an intense team and we got to come out with the same intensity."

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com