East Texans supplement income by working from vehicle

East Texans supplement income by working from vehicle
Tyler resident works for ridesharing app, Lyft (Source: KLTV)
More East Texans are turning to their own vehicle for a second source of income. 
"Well, at first it was just extra income, I'm a sign language interpreter during the day and work kind of slows down during the Christmas holidays, and I loved it so much that I've continued doing it," Lyft driver Tracy Walker said. 
Walker supplements her income by driving 20-30 hours for the ridesharing app known as Lyft. 
"If I work two to three nights a week and two weekends a month it could add anywhere from almost $800 to $1,200 a month," she said. 
Walker said she enjoys meeting new people and the flexibility of the job.
"I need to have my own hours and [with] Lyft all you have to do is open the app and you click to go online and you start working and when you're done you click to log off and you're done for the day," she said. 
Walker said she understands why more East Texans are switching to jobs like this, and she loves the opportunity to work straight from her vehicle.

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