Dialysis worker arrested for fraudulent license

Dialysis worker arrested for fraudulent license
Stephanie Garcia (Source: Harrison County Judicial)

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman was arrested by law officers for fraudulently representing herself as a licensed nurse.

29-year-old Stephanie Garcia was arrested by Marshall police on Wednesday for violation of nursing regulations and fraudulent use of information. Garcia, of Henderson, was responsible for patient care at Davita Dialysis in Marshall and performed the duties of a registered nurse.

Investigators say she falsified information to receive employment as a nurse.

"We originally received a complaint from the Texas board of nursing. Stephanie Garcia was arrested Wednesday and charged with using someone else's license," says Marshall police PIO Kelly Colvin.

She's charged with fraudulent use/possession of identifying information and violating nursing regulations for not having a license.

The arrest warrant affidavit shows a complaint was sent to the Harrison county DA's office in November of 2017 from the Texas Board of Nursing.

Garcia had been employed at Davita as of May 2016. Investigators found Garcia was not just doing paperwork, but she was also treating patients, and that's when a red flag went up.

"It stemmed from a patient who sensed something's not right here. That patients gut feeling ended up being right, something wasn't right. They contacted the clinic first. If it's our family members being treated, you certainly don't want that. Some of those patients there probably lost a sense of trust,"  Colvin says.

Employment records confirmed that Garcia had used another person's nursing license number to obtain employment.

"Those are our citizens and it's our job to protect our public and our citizens so when you have someone submitting false information for a job their not qualified for  you've got people lives you're talking about. We do take this seriously to stop her from ever doing this again," says Colvin.

Garcia was booked into the Harrison County Jail on a $35,000 bond. She bonded out on Thursday.

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