Friends of the Mayfair work to restore historic building

Friends of the Mayfair work to restore historic building

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Since 1929, the Mayfair building has been a place where Tyler residents could count on great entertainment.

"The first coronation rose ball was held here, the USO during in WWII, wrestling matches, boxing matches, golden gloves was held here for decades," Friends of the Mayfair president Ronny Anderson said.

Able to house almost 800 people, the building was often used as a music hall, bringing dozens of headliner acts to Tyler.

"All of the rock stars, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Big Bopper, you just go on an on," Anderson said.

Through the years the building suffered tremendous amounts of wear and tear and still doesn't have air condition. Now the Friends of the Mayfair want to  begin a project that would cost more than one million dollars to restore the building.

"Help us be part of saving history, there's too many historical buildings being torn down in smith county," Anderson said. "And this area this one has got to be saved and its got to be redone to make it a vital entity of this community."

During the 1970's, the facility's usage began to decline resulting in a generational gap between those who grew up with the Mayfair and those who know nothing about it.

A gap Anderson says has made raising money for this project challenging.

"Some ways it's been very difficult because of the disconnect of what the building is, what the building was, and what the building could be," Anderson said.

Restoration plans include bring the building up to city code, making it ADA accessible and more.

"[We want to] make it not a historical landmark," Anderson said. "Make it a historical building that is used for current events."

Anderson says the project will be completed in phases and the sooner they can raise the money, the faster the restoration can be completed.

While the venue is recognized as a city historical building, once the project is complete, the Friends of the Mayfair will apply for the Mayfair to be recognized as a state historical site.

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