Thursday's weather: Dry for now; wet weather returns for the weekend

Thursday's weather: Dry for now; wet weather returns for the weekend

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - High pressure has now shifted southeastward, and the clockwise winds are bringing in a southerly flow into East Texas.

Though the morning temperatures may be on the cool side, this afternoon will be pretty warm. Highs will rise into the mid 70s today.

The dry pattern continues today with a mix of sun and clouds. The work week wraps up on a different note. Not only will East Texas be borderline hot, but rain will make a comeback.

A cold front now positioned to the west will march closer to East Texas as the work week comes to an end. Wet weather will form in front of the front. We will see some of that action as soon as the early morning hours on Friday.

Friday will be a pretty warm day, even for East Texas standards. Highs will be on either side of the 80 degree mark.

The clouds and rain will hold on tight through the weekend. Showers and storms are expected through the weekend.

Afternoon highs will enter the mid to upper 70s during the weekend.

A cold front will pass through the area Monday. Dry weather will prevail for the first few days of the new work week.

Highs will suffer slightly because of the cold front. Peak afternoon temperatures will make it into the low to mid 70s. Sunshine returns Monday through mid week.

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