Rail Repairs Anger Pritchett Residents

Pritchett residents are getting much-needed railway repairs, but are angry over the results. The thundering machinery repairing railway tracks in Pritchett have some to the boiling point in the late summer heat.

"They're just patching, they're not going to keep it up like it should be, it should be all brand new rails and everything" said area resident Michael Irons.

Residents of Binion road say the repair vehicles are tearing their roadway, and often block the road altogether, forcing them to go a mile out of their way just to get across the street.

"If an ambulance needs to come through here, they couldn't get through here," Irons says.

Mike Files, who has spearheaded the effort to get the tracks repaired, goes even further to vent his anger that bulky equipment is sitting idle.

"Theres no where to go because of all the trucks and equipment, they bring all this equipment in and most of it sits," says Files.

Many liken it to a band-aid on a broken arm, and are alarmed that only one out of every three rail ties is being replaced.

"The ones they're not replacing, it's just a matter of time before there just as bad as the ones that fell apart," says Files.

Pritchett residents are sending a formal petition to Congressman Louie Gohmert's office. It chronicles everything that has happened, regarding the union pacific derailments, and the company's response to the community.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.