Hot And Humid Temps Require Outdoor Workers To Take More Breaks

There is no question about it, it's hot. Today is the ninth straight day with a heat advisory, but no matter how hot it gets, many people in East Texas cannot avoid the heat. The temperatures some people have to work in are even higher than what's showing up on the thermometers. The temperature on South Broadway in Tyler read 103 degrees, but the temperature in the Bill Day Tire Center shop is even higher.

"It really does get hot in the shop," said David Berry, Assistant Manager. "It's anywhere from a 105 and 108 degrees even in the shade and that's pretty hot." Because of the extreme heat, workers have to be extra careful. That's why every morning they prepare themselves for the high temps.

"The first thing we do is we get ice and we mix up a big cooler of Gatorade and these guys drink Gatorade and water," said Berry. Workers often need to take extra breaks as well.

"These guys work pretty hard, so if they need to take a break we let them take a break, especially this time of year when we are really really busy," said Berry. During the summer, workers say they may work on more than a hundred cars a day. Because of the hot working conditions, workers don't move as fast and that means more patience is needed from customers.

"Sometimes maybe we want them to get in a little bit bigger hurry, but you just have to understand that it really is hot out there, so you can't work as hard as you normally would," said Berry. Doctors say that's because of the humidity.

"If you are unable to evaporate the sweat, that's the most important aspect in keeping your body cool," said Dr. Ed Dominguez, KLTV 7 Med Team. "You can in fact over heat. When you begin to over heat on the inside, not only do you feel more weak, you feel more tired more quickly." So, the next time you require a service of people working outside, remember to be patient because it's hot and health is the most important issue.

Molly Reuter, reporting.