Warrant: Spring Hill ISD educator says he's 'monster,' 'predator,' before turning himself in

Warrant: Spring Hill ISD educator says he's 'monster,' 'predator,' before turning himself in
The Longview Police Department arrested 25 year old Jacob Vincent Badgett of Longview on March 8. (Source: Longview Police)

SPRING HILL, TX (KLTV) - An arrest warrant is revealing new details about the case of a teacher who was charged for allegedly having an improper relationship between an educator and a student.

Longview police arrested Jacob Vincent Badgett, 25, of Longview on March 8. Badgett, who was an educator with the Spring Hill Independent School District, was booked into the Gregg County Jail.

According to the warrant, Badgett reported the relationship to school officials on March 7 and told them he needed to be arrested. He referred to himself as a "monster" and a "predator" and said that "everyone knows."

Badgett allegedly told district officials during a private meeting that they "should call 911 because he needed to be arrested." When he was asked why "Badgett told him that he had an explicit relationship with a student." He did not name the student. He also asked to speak with his father and instructed his father to contact a lawyer, the warrant states.

A Longview Police Department officer who works as a school resource officer was called to the office.

The warrant states that when the officer arrived, Badgett "turned around and put his hands behind his back as if to have handcuff(s) put on."

Although Badgett did not initially name the student, officials questioned one student who did admit to texting with Badgett.

"(The student) stated that she had a 'crush' on Badgett but that she would never 'cross the line' with a teacher. ... (she) however, told affiant that she wouldn't tell if she had crossed the line because she knew Badgett would get into trouble," the warrant states.

Badgett told district authorities that he "had gotten careless with emails and text messages. Badgett told (district officials) that he was a 'monster' and a 'predator' and that 'everyone knows.' "

The document states that he also said his son would grow up without a father because he was in jail. However, officials told police that they were unaware of any children Badgett currently has.

On March 8, officers spoke with a student who admitted to exchanging texts and having sex with Badgett. The student told officers "they had 'protected sex' and that Badgett used condoms," the warrant states.

The warrant shows officers have seized several of Badgett's personal belongings to search.

Badgett remains in custody in the Gregg County Jail.