Elkhart VFD adds new truck to fleet

Elkhart VFD adds new truck to fleet
Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department shows off their new truck. (Source: Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department, Facebook)

ELKHART, TX (KLTV) - Elkhart volunteer firefighters have a new addition to the fleet.

The fire department posted a notice Sunday that the volunteer department was able to add a new truck to the fleet with funds from a Texas Forestry Service grant.

"We will continue to further our dedication to this great community. One way to help provide the best Fire/Rescue service to our citizens is through equipment improvements," a VFD spokesperson said in a post on social media.

Elkhart VFD Chief Randy McCoy said the cost of the truck was $248,000. He said that $200,000 of that is being paid with a HB-2604 grant, $7,000 is from a United Way donation, and the rest is being financed. They plan to pay that balance off with fundraisers.

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