Hallsville Bobcat Belles show off 'mooves' in viral video

Hallsville Bobcat Belles show off 'mooves' in viral video

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas high school drill team has gone viral for their competition novelty dance. The video was posted to Facebook on Saturday and has since received over 10 million views and 170 thousand shares.

The video shows the Hallsville High School drill teams novelty dance in the Showbiz International competition, where they dressed up in inflatable cow costumes became an overnight sensation.

"Every morning we were like, we're at 6 million views, we're at 9 million views, it was crazy," Bobcat Belle, Riley Bell said.

The Bobcat Belles have participated in the competition for over 20 years, but this year's drill team never expected this reaction.

"The crowd was just going crazy when we were doing it," Bell said. "It just made it more fun to perform."

Each year the Belles compete in six team and three military officer's routines, but the novelty dance is the one that is always the crowd pleaser. In previous years, the team has dressed up as cavemen and t-rex's, lunch ladies and more!

"I thought last year was gonna be tough to top with the t-rex's, but our director, she did it," Bobcat Belle Carolynn Rose said. "I feel like she will always keep going up and stepping up."

Since 2011, Kathryn Calaway has been the drill team instructor and says creating the dances is not hard.

"Inspiration kind of comes from everywhere," Calaway said. "You know if I see something funny on a television show, I say hey we can make that into a dance."

At the competition the team won three awards for the dance including: best in category, supreme award, and the applause award. But Rose said even without the awards it's still a great experience.

"We just have fun with it," Rose said. "That's what it's mostly about, having fun and really just pleasing the crowd."

The Bobcat Belles will compete at the national level in Galveston on March 24.

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